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Chefs cook computer-generated recipes out of food truck (VIDEO)

It’s a concept that stems from IBM’s Watson supercomputer, which famously beat humans at their own game — “Jeopardy!” — back in 2011.

Only this time, instead of answering general knowledge questions, the technology will be used to help chefs churn out unexpected and surprising dishes such as Czech pork belly moussaka and Ecuadorian strawberry dessert to people attending the South by Southwest festival in Austin next week.

The computer, developed in partnership with the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), works like a roulette wheel: after choosing a main ingredient and setting a few parameters such as regional cuisine, the computer spits out a recipe that challenges ICE chefs James Briscione and Michael Laiskonis to come up with dishes such as Cuban lobster bouillabaisse or Swiss-Thai asparagus quiche.

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TV Show Causes Surge in Online Roulette Play | Blog ...

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While Nevada (and shortly New Jersey) does have an online gambling licence and a growing number of online casinos such as Jackpot Capital Casino allow US gamers to take a cyber-spin at the roulette wheel, according to H2 Gambling Capital, only 3.3

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One time I remember walking by a roulette table at the Mirage with Gabe and asking him to guess the number. One other benefit with Gabe: When the market tumbled a few years back, he immediately bought a distressed property online, sight unseen.