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Is It Really Possible to Make an Income from Counting Cards in Blackjack?

Becoming a professional card counter is not a career path for everyone, since it requires a tough set of skills including observation, mental arithmetic, and being able to fool the casino staff into thinking you’re not an advantage player.

For those determined to make a living from playing blackjack, you’re going to have to put in hours into developing your game, and even then it won’t be fool proof.

You’re going to need blackjack strategy to begin with, so you’re going to want to learn the rules and commit to perfecting the basic strategy for the game.

Once you’ve mastered that, then comes the long process of card counting. The infamous MIT team who serially won at blackjack in the Las Vegas casino used the Hi-Lo method, but mastering this will require hours and hours of practice.

how do you count cards in blackjack, i know the basic strategy but is that not enough to beat the dealer?

i go to the casino very often.. and you know, playing blackjack has always been fun! basic strategy helps im sure, but would counting cards be better? how do you even count cards? anything else i could do to help me when serious cash?


Keep in mind that for counting cards to work properly, you must be able to play Basic Strategy dead on perfect 99% of the time. Otherwise, counting cards does you no good. So memorize those basic strategy charts for the specific game you play (taking

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Scrap 1: “Search Silent Stead for the concealed scrap”. This hidden scrap is located in a abandoned house in Silent Stead just southwest of Rathskeller fork. The very first meeting with Sam is just south of Gaptooth Breach you will find him sitting from a rock enjoying the harmonica. Scrap two: “Complete the “California. To be capable to commence this off ought to first kill a member of the Treasure Hunter gang. Now you can wait and carry on with the game or you can continualy sit at your campsite in the wild. go to the save display...

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Just How Difficult is Counting Cards in Real Life? Contrary to popular belief, card counting systems are easy to learn and don't require complex mathematics. For those of us not well-versed in casino strategy, card counting is something for math geeks and fodder for blackjack movies. Hollywood's 

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Turning over the cards
Starting more than nine years ago as a guest-services attendant, she graduated to blackjack dealer, learned to run other table games, too, and now works both as a dealer and floor supervisor. Have you ever realized that a player was counting cards?

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11 to the only count in an Aug. 5 indictment. Le stated in his petition to plead guilty that White would reveal cards to him before they were played. He said this would let him know whether to take a card from the top of the deck or pass in an effort